Current Sales Offerings to Members


My news members hear about sales offerings first.  After the first 24 hours the sales items are then released to the general public.  More items coming soon.  Thank you for being a news member!  The "Mini Woodbridge" is a newly completed commission.  He is NFS . Just a sample of my chestnut finish work

This piece has been hand glazed using two different ceramic glazing techniques.  Both under glazing and over glazing techniques have been used to bring this piece to finish.  The entire production was done using a kiln. 

Underglazing is applied on the bisque sculpture and then it is fired to cone 04.  The color is set into the bisque and a clear glaze is then applied to the entire sculpture and fired to cone 06 which seals in the underglaze color. 

Further color is then layered using over glaze china paints specifically made for firing in the kiln.  This piece received approx.  5 layers of additional color layerings to achieve the bay pinto. color.

She sports one blue eye and one brown.  She has kissy spots and so much rich bay color throughout.  Detailed hooves and even a little dirtiness around her fetlocks.  She's been naughty running through the spring fields.

She is curio sized.


More painted ceramics coming soon!