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Bone China BY Committee For Sale



Hot out of my kiln is a "By Committee" in bone china.  She has been glazed using overglaze china paints to achieve her rich chestnut Sabino color.  Many layerings of color and firings help produce this effect.  This version has ribbons and horseshoes.   I have tried to photograph her at many different angles. 

I must note that every part of her has been glazed and fired except her horseshoes.  If money were no object I would have used white gold but since the current market value of gold is pretty steep I decided to use Rembrandt silver leaf at the very end of production on just her horseshoes.  This product is made to be used on many surfaces, including porcelain and china and is used  in place of real gold or silver.  It is permanent.  

Email me for purchase at:  jenndanza@gmail.com .  

I will be checking my email as often as possible, so please be patient while you wait for me to respond.  I will let you know where to send payment.  You MUST email FIRST!  

She is $300 ppd in USA.

I accept all forms of payment.

Thank you so much.



Bone China "By Committee"

Stablemate sized Bone China "By Committee"  in chestnut Sabino.  This version has a ribbon and horseshoes.  

If interested in purchasing please EMAIL at:  jenndanza@gmail.com

Please do not send payment until I contact you to let you know the horse is still available.  

$300 ppd in USA