Healing Heart Art Studios art that elevates the heart

Healing Heart Art Studios art that elevates the heart Healing Heart Art Studios art that elevates the heart

NOW ACCEPTING OFFERS UNTIL FRIDAY, December 20th 2019.  Noon (est)

December 18, 2019

I'm pleased to introduce my newest offering from the studio.  Inspired by the "Fruit Stripe" chewing gum from my childhood,  I fell in love with Kylee Park's "Zephyr" medallion during Breyerfest and scooped one up from her table.   Once home the little chubby bugger kept whispering that he wanted stripes.  So, I gave him stripes!  I call him "Tutti Frutti!

Ill be taking offers over $150 until this Friday, December 20th 1 PM (Eastern time.). 

Shipping to your location to be added.

NOTE that I will not be able to ship until after the 29th of December due to family events for the holiday.  

​Please email or use the contact form below to submit your offer.
Thank you Kindly,

~Jennifer ODonnell Danza
Healing Heart Art Studios

Winning Offer: $350 (Collector 1)

$300 (Collector 2)

$250 (Collector 1)

Offers have closed.

 Last Update:  December 20, 2019, 11:23PM (est)



Highest offer by 1 PM Friday, December 20th.

If the auction has active bidders at auction close all active bidders will be contacted and allowed to make a final best offer.  They will have 24 hours from action close to submit their final best offer.  All best offers will be kept private and active bidders get one last chance to make an offer. There will be no further offers or time frames allowed for bidding.  Once all final bids are in, the winner will be notified.  

To submit an offer either use the easy form below or email me at: jenndanza@gmail.com

Payment in full is expected 24 hours after Offers End.  I accept all forms of payment, including major cc (through Paypal.) 

The most current offer will be posted on this webpage and on my MHSP vendor page.  

(Jennifer ODonnell Danza)
No trades or partial trades accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Shipping and insurance fees paid by the buyer.  I am happy to ship worldwide, but customs forms will be filled out correctly and I will not ship as a gift, nor will I adjust the price.  Final offer price will be properly noted in customs forms.  

Offers being Accepted

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