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Prices and Policies


Current Service Prices & Polices for 2019.

Prices do not include shipping and handling and insurance or applicable custom fees.

Additional charges will be applied for Appaloosas, Roans, Paints, Extreme Paints 

and Extreme Sabinos.

A NON REFUNDABLE deposit of 50% is due when order has been accepted and item has been received into the studio.

Balance and shipping fees due when order is completed.

Prepping is included in all prices. 

Price List

China Glazing Commissions

I am not accepting any china glazing commissions at the present time. Thank you.

Booking 2019 info Contact and book your spot!

Books are closed until after July 2019.



Please read my policies very carefully.

Scale quotes are for resin, plastic and cold painted chinas.  Prices listed are base quotes starting at a solid color.  Patterns, dappling and extreme pattern requests are all charged accordingly.  I paint sizes ranging from Traditional scale to the 1" Micro Mini scale.  

Prepping is included in price quotes unless there is an over abundance of prepping required (for example: older resins, home cast resins, and many Eberl solid cast resins).  If additional prepping is required, an additional fee will be charged.

Email (jenndanza@gmail.com) or submit a custom order request for a price quote (below) on your proposed project.  I will need to know the piece you propose to have painted, including the size and the color.  Once your request is submitted and approved,  A NON REFUNDABLE of 50% of the final cost will be required to start the project.

 I accept PAYPAL (jenndanza@gmail.com), POSTAL MONEY ORDERS or personal checks. The NON REFUNDABLE deposit cannot be returned for any reason once the project has been started.

Please note that with the saturation of so many resin pieces in the industry it is difficult to keep up with the names of all the new resins and their sizes.  If an owner states that the horse they wish to have painted is "stablemate" sized, but when it arrives in my studio is much larger and of "curio" or "Little Bits" size there WILL BE A PRICE ADJUSTMENT to quote to reflect the size difference from quote.  

IF YOUR HORSE ARRIVES BROKEN in transit due to the postal service's fault or fault of the owner in packing improperly additional fees for repair will be added to the final cost.  Repair costs are PER break.  

Although I try to let the owner know when the piece has been started, sometimes it's just impossible to do this as taking photos of a primed horse then contacting the owner to let the know the horse is being painted on this exact day and time  takes up a lot of valuable studio time where the piece could be getting good quality painting time without interruption.  Owners are never out of the loop, and Im always around so please feel free to send a quick note if you need, but know I do not have an assistant or a crew here to help with every step of the painting process and correspondence process with your resin and you may not get a progress report until the piece is sometimes 75% into the painting.  Its sometimes how the creative juices flow and I prefer to give your piece 1000% of my creative juices and not just the technical, "He's been started...or I painted an eyeball today."  Because this is what Instagram is for and I highly recommend visiting my Instagram page daily. I post often throughout Monday through Friday.  I hope you understand.

When the piece has been completed the owner will receive photos of the finished piece for approval. Balance and return shipping costs due within 10 days of completion of the horse.  If other arrangements have been made between the artist and the owner prior to the start of the project, then the full balance will be expected as per the agreement.  

PLEASE NOTE as of October 2018 Im seeing a very alarming trend in people  who have been choosing to ignore my emails, PMs, invoices and repeated requests for payment after commissions have been fully completed and pieces have been approved. Because of this I will be implementing new rules and regulations. These are noted in the following paragraph.


If you fail to pay the final balance and shipping within 10 days after you have been contacted of the completion of your commission you will be fined an additional $5 (For SM/LB) and $10 (for all Classics/Curios and Traditional sized pieces) on the 11th day after you have been contacted.  NO exceptions!  

If you still neglect to pay your bill and you allow seven (7) additional days to pass (this would make the bill 18 days late, another $5 or $10 fee (depending upon the size of your horse) will be added to your final balance and shipping. Every 7 days more fees will be added and you will be expected to pay.  

ALSO, at this point reference outlets within the MH Industry such as MHSP, MHHR and all Facebook Reference lists will be alerted as you receive a "yellow (cautionary) light" regarding your payment/commission practices.  This yellow can be turned to green once ALL your fees and balance/shipping has been paid in full.

If you allow another seven (7) days after this yellow light has been given (and fees) to pass (That would be 32 days) then more fees will be added and a RED will be given and I will not turn this to green once you have paid in Full.  You will always have a yellow associated with payment and my studio.  

AFTER SIX MONTHS....if the balance has not been paid within 6 months of completion the piece will either be sent back to the owner (after receipt of return shipping costs) completely stripped of any work, or will be considered as "unclaimed" and sold per the artist's discretion and cost of the "blank" resin sent to the owner after the piece has sold.  If the original blank was sent unprepped a fee of up to $45 will be deducted from the cost of the blank horse to cover the "prepping" of the "blank" unclaimed horse.  Negative feedback will be left within the industry on all reference forums.  

Paint work is guaranteed for 12 MONTHS to the original owner of the horse.  Any issues caused by the paint work or materials used by the artist will be repaired free of charge minus any shipping/handling/insurance.  Paint work guarantee does not transfer once the original owner sells the horse.  Faulty care or handling of the piece by the owner which includes dropping, accidental spills, scratches, and or breakage are NOT covered.  Also poor resin quality or production or bad plastic production from the original sculpting artist or factory production is also NOT covered. 

Owner is welcome to use my photos of their finished horse for their personal use as long as credit is properly given.  Photos may NOT be used by non owners.