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Happy March!  Lets bring on Spring!  

I am very excited about Spring closely approaching.  That means warmth and renewal.  These past two winter months have brought about a bit of a renewal in my studio.  I am currently waiting for a new kiln to arrive.  A decision to purchase a much needed larger and more efficient kiln to suit my growing ceramic needs has been needed for years now.  I watched my needs in this area grow and expand out of what I currently own about 9 years ago.  This expansion happened not only within the model horse industry, but with traditional pottery and hand building as well.  

I have two more weeks to wait.  The waiting is truly the hardest part!  Be sure to stay tuned and JOIN my newsgroup. I already have something planned for the arrival of the kiln!

Happy St. Patricks Day!



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Please note that I WILL NOT be attending the January 26th show at Berks County.  Ive been getting emails and PMs on Facebook asking about the event and I will not be attending.  My apologies. 

If Berks holds a March show (this is not listed on the NAMHSA.ORG site yet) I will attend the March show.  

Breyerfest 2019 Workshops

I will be conducting two workshops at the 2019 Breyerfest event this July in KY.  Both are on Friday of the festival.   One is a repair workshop, which is open to all ages and the other is a painting workshop which is only open to children.  To get more information on one or both of these workshops, please click the link below.  If interested, please register soon.  Both these workshops max out and fill up quickly.  Thank you!  

Breyerfest 2019 workshops